Boarding Schools

Boarding schools have been a resource parents have used for many years. In years past boarding schools were usually only available to the affluent. A child placed in a boarding school was not so much a behavior problem but a student looking for a more intense, higher quality education. A student placed in a boarding school has to have good grades and usually several letters of recommendation from teachers and school counselors prior to being accepted. If the student were to misbehave they would be asked to leave the school and parents would lose tuition.

Boarding schools have not changed much over the years and are still very similar to what we have described above. There is a relatively new category of schools that has popped up in the last few years; they are known as Specialty Schools. A specialty school is similar to a boarding school with the exception that some will take youth and teens with defiant behavior and poor academic performance and some will not. The specialty boarding school expects a student to be resistant to attend and they are designed to deal with this type of problem. The specialty boarding school has a higher staff-to-student ratio than a traditional boarding school. This allows them to control a classroom filled with defiant, out of control youth. The private specialty boarding schools are located in states where parents still have the ability to make choices for their children.

How Can I Help My Teen?

With many states and school districts unable to legally discipline a child or force them to do anything, many parents feel that their hands are tied. So the task of finding appropriate teen help can become a challenge. Teen help in some states is virtually impossible to obtain. It has been explained to us regarding the laws in a state such as California that a child over the age of 14 can check themselves out of any type of placement the parent puts them in. However, teen help options are available if the parent is determined to find help for their out of control child. We work with several types of placement options that have proven to get the defiant youth the teen help they are in need of.

Pre-Teen Help

Believe it or not, many parents are having troubled with their children even before they reach their teen years. Pre-teen help is available and there are schools that will take youth as young as 9 years of age. There is also some "scared straight" style help available for children to motivate them to make changes and avoid being sent to a boarding situation thaty they would not like. One helpful site is located at This site is home to a packet designed to show the teen or pre-teen that the parent really does have options. It is also designed to impress upon the child's mind that the options the parent has will not be fun and should be avoided. With a drill instructor at close range shouting into the camera, "you do not want to be in my world" most youth will change their behavior and do as their parent(s) ask. The Parent Self-Help Packet has a guarantee that if a child does not make the necessary changes and needs more intensive types of teen help the parent can receive a refund when the child is sent to one of the recommended boot camps.