Christian Drug Rehab

Choosing the right Drug Rehab facility is one of the most important decisions to make in someone’s life. Because there are so many different types of drug rehab centers, it is important to make an educated decision when deciding which drug rehab center to choose. Most drug rehab centers offer in-patient and out-patient types of therapies. The difference in a Christian Drug Rehab center is that they essentially offer programs which aide in the recovery of drug or alcohol abuse victims based on a religious approach. Christian Drug Rehab facilities provide professional and qualified instructors and specialists to manage each circumstance and case.

Christian Drug Rehab Features

Most Christian Drug Rehab Centers are highly structured and contain organized programs that help patients work on getting back to the basics through Christ centered principals such as individual and family counseling, extended family counseling sessions, anger and stress management, exercise and nutrition, and life skills. Spiritual guidance and the Christian Twelve steps tend to be the foundation of Christian Drug Rehab centers.

Christian Drug Rehab and the Twelve Step Program

So much emphasis and importance is placed on the Twelve Step program (also known as the “Christian Twelve”) at Christian Drug Rehab centers, although some have never heard this term before or know what it is. Essentially, the Christian Twelve Steps are as follows: Step one is about recognizing one’s brokenness. One admits they are powerless and that one’s life has become unmanageable. Step two helps one believe that a power greater than themselves could restore them to sanity. Step three helps one to make a decision to turn their will and their life over to the care of God. Step four involves self examination where one makes a searching and fearless moral inventory of oneself. Step five is the discipline of confession where one admits to all those around them who have been wronged that they themselves are actually in the wrong. Step six involves an inner transformation, sometimes called repentance. Step seven is about the transformation of one’s character. Step eight involves examining one’s relationships and making amends with those relationships that have been broken. Step nine involves making direct amends. Step ten is about making progress in recovery. Step eleven involves the spiritual disciplines of prayer and meditation. And Step twelve is about ministry to others.

Christian Drug Rehabs can be tremendously helpful in relieving patients of their drug/alcohol problems. Before a patient is discharged from a Christian Rehab center, their instructors and therapists should design a plan for the patient to follow after they are discharged. The plan may include Christian counseling, family counseling/ therapy, psychiatric care, and even housing. Plans can be altered to the specific needs of the patient.