Drug and Alcohol Treatment

There are many people that struggle with drug and alcohol problems looking for help. It is difficult to watch a loved sink into the devastation that accompanies a serious addiction. The addicted person may not even realize the affect their problem is having on their loved ones. For a loved one that does not have a desire to change, it may be helpful to consider an intervention. If a loved one is willing to get help, there are a few options available to them. It may take the love and encouragement of a concerned friend and family member to help them follow through with their desire to change. It is a fine line between helping a loved one and enabling them. For example, if an addict expresses a desire to get clean and sober they will need to take some initiative. It would seem logical if they are sincere in wanting to change, they should make the first phone call. If a loved one provides them with the number to call, that may be as far as the loved one should go.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Options

There are several types of help for someone with an alcohol or drug addiction. There are two main organizations associated with treatment for addicts. For someone with an alcohol addiction there is an organization known as AA or Alcoholics Anonymous. This organization has been around for a very long time and they have had success helping alcoholics for many years. Alcoholics attend meetings on a regular basis usually at least weekly. When they begin attending AA they are matched up with a sponsor. The sponsor becomes a valued friend and someone to lean on when the alcoholic is considering taking a drink. For the drug abuser there is an organization known as Narcotics Anonymous or NA. This organization is very similar to AA with the exception of the type of addiction being focused on. It has proven to be very helpful to have a sponsor to lean on when times get tough. Many people form lifetime friendships with their sponsors.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Intervention

There is a reality show on television portraying an addicted person that is in need of an intervention. The program shows the addicted person being confronted by all of those in their life that are concerned and affected by their addiction. The emotion of those close to the addicted person is very real. This emotion is typical of emotions felt by relatives of addicts around the country. In many cases if the addict is left unchecked they will likely end up dead. Many addicts feel that they are still in control of their lives when in reality they are not. It is very difficult for the loved ones to participate in the intervention, but they realize that if something is not done, the addict will continue on the path of self destruction. Out of love for the addicted one those close to him or her extend the intervention as a way to help the addict.