Treatment Options

With the increase in drug and alcohol addiction over the last few decades, there has also been an increase in treatment options. There are many choices that are available for someone seeking help with an addiction. It is important that the proper treatment option is found for the problem that an addict has. It would be counter productive to place someone in an inappropriate placement option. It is important that the cycle of drug or alcohol abuse be broken. It is also important that the cycle is broken with proper tools in place to assist the intervention.


In some cases it may require a gathering of loved ones in what has become known as an intervention. The person who is addicted has usually burned many bridges with loved ones and friends. This can create some friends that are unwilling to attend, but the intervention should still be held. There are professional intervention companies that can be found online, or by referral from a Dr. It is important that the intervention be handled in an organized and loving way. If the person being confronted or intervened doesn’t feel loved ones are sincere, they may opt to leave rather than facing their issues. For an intervention to be effective, a placement option or an outpatient program should be ready to accept the addict or alcoholic.

Treatment Options and Insurance

There are still a few insurance companies that offer psychiatric or substance abuse benefits. This is usually where financial help will be found when trying to assist an addict or alcoholic. Usually treatment companies that have dropped all benefits associated with addiction. In a nut shell, insurance help for an addiction problem will be difficult to find. The fees associated with both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs are very costly. Few people are able to pay for private insurance benefits will not be available through an HMO or a PPO. There are many people that will be unable to receive help without the assistance of their insurance company. Some treatment centers offer payment plans to help people that are unable to pay for the entire amount in one payment. The payment plan may even be split between relatives and in some cases the addicts or alcoholic’s employer may participate in the expense of treatment.