Residential Treatment

Residential treatment centers are located across the United States. We have tried to provide information and links to residential treatment options and information that may be of help to you. The term residential treatment means a facility where someone needing intense help can go. A person may be checked into a residential treatment center for the following reasons.

* Alcohol Addiction

* Drug Addiction

* Suicide Ideation

* Severe Depression

* Drug Habit

There are probably other reasons that a person might be checked into a residential treatment center. While in a residential treatment center a person will usually be under the care of a medical doctor. They may also have a nurse and even a counselor assigned to them. The residential treatment center is similar to, and in some cases is located in a hospital. A residential treatment center can be a lifesaving facility for someone that is struggling with any of the items listed above.

Residential Center

A residential center is basically synonymous with the residential treatment center. The residential center is also appropriate for any of the problems listed in the paragraph above. The length of stay in a residential center varies, usually by the severity of the problem the patient is experiencing. If a person is suicidal, the residential center will typically keep the patient until they are confident that person will not harm themselves when they leave. Usually a person that has checked into a residential center will be seen by a doctor and prescribed some type of medication. They may begin taking medications and receive some counseling that may accompany them when they leave the residential center. Usually a stay in a residential center will not be a sufficient amount of time to totally deal with all of their problems. Counseling and medication may continue for years after a person leaves the center. Sometimes the crisis that has landed the patient in the residential center is just the beginning for them. It may take a crisis for a person to develop a desire to deal with issues they may have been hiding. Sometimes a person will hide the issues that are really at the core of their problems. In some cases a person will hide their issues by abusing drugs and alcohol. When they are checked into a residential center, they begin to sort through the issues they have not dealt with to date.